Best Feature Based Iphone X Covers & Cases

iPhone X is one handsome and rich device when it comes to aesthetics, features, and functionalities. It costs a good fortune to keep one because a device that good and expensive require the right measures of security and safety gimmicks to enhance its longevity, durability and operational performance. When it comes to Apple and its devices then the perception of people varies in terms of whether to protect it to extreme extents even if it means hiding the identity of the device or keeping it to the bare minimum but not compromising on the brand identity of the device. Due to the divide of this perception, we could come across a range of cases and covers for iPhone X up for grabs in the market based on varying amount of features, functionalities, and support. It is however up to an individual what kind of features he or she wants to enhance or adds into its device to make the most out of its usage. It is also imperative that you must have key information about the cases and covers for iPhone X to ensure that you are making the right decision and not the one which would make you buy another cover in the short run as a replacement.  

Case Buddy has been providing a vast range of choices to its clients in Australia as you can have a list of feature-based iPhone covers, could figure out your needs, consult with their customer support to shun off your doubts. The best thing about CaseBuddy is you can find everything that comes to your mind relevant to cases and covers under one roof so eventually, the decision making gets expedited. However, it is imperative that you are well aware of your needs before starting to look out for the cover or case of your iPhone because once you know what you want, you are already halfway through the whole process.  

Considering this, below are given a few of the best feature based iPhone X covers and cases which are not only sufficient when it comes to the protection of device but have add-ons as well as a cheap investment comparatively, such as: 

Super Thin Peel Cover 

If you are on the lookout of the cheap iPhone X cases then peel super thin covers are your go-to options. These are 0.35mm thick utmost and are appropriate for those who have a good record of not dropping off their phone accidentally. Also, you cannot put too much weight on to it so the protection is limited and restricted. It does not let you compromise on the original aesthetics of the device which is a plus so if you are someone who can handle the iPhone X with this bare minimum protection considering the usage at hand then this is your option. 

Tech21 Pure Clear Cover 

If you are into transparent and clear covers then you must also check out for Pure Clear Cover by Tech 21 as well; reason being, this will not only keep the aesthetics of the iPhone intact but would also provide drop protection of 6.6 foot which is a great enhancement on the durability and protection front. Also, the cover would not turn yellow from crystal clear under UV light. It is considered a relatively economical iPhone X cover investment if you are looking for a right balance of safety and aesthetics then here you go.  

Griffin Survivor Series 

If you are someone whose usage of iPhone X is very clumsy and rugged then you need protection as per that usage. Griffin survivor series is the best in this regard which gives you drop protection of 10 foot, it is also checked on concrete as well. Moreover, it is a good-to-go option if you need protection from mud, snow or rain interventions as well. It generally comes with a one year warranty depending upon the option you chose to go for.  

Otterbox Defender 

If you want features somewhat like survivor but also into iPhone X cases cheap then Otter box Defender is the thing for you. It has silicon edges and 6 layers of glass protection to the phone. It also gives you the lifetime warranty against defects and problems caused under normal circumstances and usage. 

Besides the given listed options, you can opt for the customised case stations as well as these are different from the regular cases and go best with the artists, the deviants and different kind of people.