Generally speaking, a life of an individual can be divided into three stages; first one being a childhood stage, second stage of life is adulthood and old age is the third stage of life. This is how life cycle works, human being is born, he enjoys his adulthood, he turns old and then dies ultimately. It’s not necessary that people die only after reaching certain age because death can come at any stage of life. However, that’s how the life cycle works as usually. People spends their childhood in their parental home, then they spend their adulthood in their independent home with their spouse and after reaching certain age limit they are sent to old homes or some aged people prefers retirement living in Brisbane Southside

Retirement living: 

Retirement living can be described as a residential society or community which is specifically made for old age people. These communities are basically made for those old group of people who can take of themselves as special assistance for twenty-four hours are not available there. However, home care agencies are allowed to come and look after the old aged people. Other than that, some retirement living communities also provide assistance when required. 

A person has to be at least of fifty-five years or more than that to live in retirement living community. If a person of any other age group wants to live in this society then at least one member of the family has to be of fifty-five years old or more than that. However, it is quite rare to find a person of a young age living in a retirement living society. 

Old age homes versus retirement living communities: 

Old age homes are the residential areas for old people who are unable to look after themselves and needs a constant medical care or continuous assistance for themselves. These are like nursing homes in which old people lives either because their families do not want to live with them anymore or they themselves wants to live separately 

On the other hand, retirement living communities are the residential societies where those people of old age lives who are able to look after themselves an do not need a continuous help. Retirement living societies provides a space for old people where they can communicate and have chat with people of their own age. A relaxing environment is provided which gives peaceful effect to health as well. 

Pros and cons of retirement living communities: 

Now, whether one must send their parents to retirement living societies depends upon every one’s personal opinion. However, there are some pros and cons of every thing and same is the case of these societies. When old people live separately from their families, they miss their families a lot and feels lonely. On the other, these communities provide relaxing environment to old people where they do not have to take tension of any other thing. 

The village (retirement group): 

Nowadays, many retirement living communities have been made and is increasing day by day. Due to their high demand more and more people are investing in this business. One such luxurious residential are for retirement group or old age people is “the village”. These are located all across Brisbane. Various kinds of societies have been made; apartments are made in the heart of the city for those people who likes city life. Whereas, luxurious villas are made in the outer suburbs for people who likes to live far from city’s noise. 


Life of a man is divided into three stage; childhood, adulthood and old age. Man is born, grows and dies; this is how life cycle works. Retirement living societies are the residential communities for fifty-five or fifty-five plus people. People often confuse old age homes with retirement living societies but these are not the same things. Old age homes are a place where those aged people live who are unable to look after themselves and needs constant care. Whereas, residential living communities are for those old people who can look after themselves, these communities provide an extraordinary atmosphere. Such societies are made in Brisbane which goes by the name of “the village” which is specifically made for retirement group. 

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