When should you replace your clutch?


The clutch is an important part of a manual vehicle as it allows rotational power from the engine to be transferred to the wheels. It has two plates: the pressure plate and the friction plate. While the friction plate is connected to the crank shaft and the pressure plate is connected to the gear box and obtains its force from the actuator. When the clutch is put to use, the actuator pushes both the plates together and torque is produced and transferred to the engine of the car. When the car is moving, however, and a certain level of speed is reached then the plates will become equal. In manual cars the clutch is controlled by a pedal and when you press this foot pedal down, there will be less formation of acceleration. When you completely press the pedal down then the link between the driveshaft and the engine is broken so that you can change gears. During manual transmission, the clutch plays a vital role as it tells you the speed at which the vehicle should run and it is often used to control the acceleration when driving at a low speed. It is one of the most frequently used components of the car as you need to use us every time you want to change gears or stop the car slowly without any jerks. Thus, it is prone to wear and tear and you should always make sure that your Subaru WRX clutch kit or any other clutch is in perfect condition so that you can drive your car smoothly.   

The Subaru WRX is a compact car with spacious seats and is a popular choice for many drivers, and although it has a powerful engine, it has a low predicted reliable rating. This is where Mantic Clutch can help you in replacing your Subaru WRX clutch as it offers a wide variety of high quality yet affordable clutch kits on the market. Poor clutches can cause many problems while driving and you should not wait for the problems to aggravate when considering replacing your clutch kit as problems due to mechanical wear and tear will not resolve itself. You should always pay attention to any squeaky noises or unusual sounds coming from your car. The key is to pay attention to your car so that you know when it is not performing up to par and so that you can immediately get it repaired and save yourself from the costly repairs of the future. One of the main signs to look out for is clutch slippage which shows that your clutch is failing and in need of replacement. This happens when you are unable to shift into gear as easily as you were before and the gearstick moves but the cars’ movements doing follow suit. The tachometer gauge can also alert you of the clutch’s problems as it will show you rapid and uncontrolled movements which are a sigh to get you clutch checked out as soon as possible. Changes in your car don’t happen without a reason and if you feel any difference while driving it then you need to know what is causing it. When a Subaru WRX clutch or any other clutch us going bad then the car will jerk more often than usual and the clutch will also feel as is if its jumping in your hands.  

The engine is also a good indicator of any issues with you clutch and if it makes spluttering noises during shifting then you should go for a new clutch kit. Some drivers also report a burning smell coming from the vehicle when the clutch wears out. When you push the clutch pedal then it should offer some resistance as it is made up of plates and springs, but if it goes down very easily then you should know that something is wrong with it. Whenever you are in doubt, you should visit a skilled mechanic who has worked with your type of car before is that they can correctly diagnose what is wrong with your car. And if you find out that your clutch needs replacing, you should always go with Mantic Clutch to give you affordable and good quality clutch kits. 

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