It is an era of science and technology; man has no time to stands and stare. They have to work smarter to conquer the world. Electronic media is the fastest mode of communication all over the world. Electronic media is substantially eminent in every field of life ranges from education to the business industry. These are the modes that proffer accuracy and make the task more efficient. The electronic media is more renowned as there is less chance of facing the error, makes the labour less, and purvey results more efficiently. In this section, we will discuss archive storage, and cloud communication solutions. 

Cloud Communication Solution 

Cloud communication solutions proffer the revolution in business communication. It proffers maximum flexibility and innovates the number of conveniences. The cloud communication solutions are more convenient due to the following reasons: 

  • The cloud communication solutions reduce the monthly expense of telephony in an authority. Cloud communication solutions proffer excellent means to communicate with other companies with efficient audio and video calls. The seminars are organized on the cloud communication solutions proffer the services in accordance to the need of the time. Manoeuver the hardware system is quite a tricky task that cloud communication solutions make more convenient. 
  • Cloud communication solutions proffer productivity benefits. It proffers the productive workflow by online portals, mobile applications, call handling, and many more.  
  • There is a variety of cloud communication solutions that proffer the flexibility of the “plug and play” software installation. The cloud communication solutions proffer the services for the start-up business. It proffers the services for efficient business telephony. 

Eminence Of the Cloud Communication Solutions 

  • The cloud communication solutions purvey the services by the consolidated real-time communication. Real-time communication comprises voice telephony, audio / visual conferences, and instant messages. It preserves the man from the e-mail, voice mail, and fax. 
  • The cloud communication solutions are aimed at business communication and business applications. These preserve the man from the hassle and distraction due to the switching of the devices.  
  • The cloud communication solutions preserve the businessman from consigning the new location and employees, seasonal fluctuation, and the skyrocketing conference calls. The IT programs cannot afford the situation.  
  • Unified communication is concerned with cloud communication solutions. The system is more appropriate for the updated technology. 

Archive Storage 

Modern technology proffers the means that stores the data in a more appropriate manner. The world of the business community relies on archive storage. The recreation and modification of the data is the basic requirement of information technology. The archive storage proffers services for the storage of the data for the long term. It is more cost-effective and manoeuver the auditing, log editing, historic data, or the data from the retired documents. 

Categories of the Archive Storage 

The archive storage is mainly of the three categories. Here, we will discuss them briefly.  

  • Governance Archive: 

This type of archive storage is concerned with record management. It manoeuver the risk management and proffers compliance readiness. The governance archive comprises all the categories of documents, images, websites, social electronic information. These archive storage have easy access to the clients and are available at the eDiscovery, and audit. 

  • Active Data Archive

This mode of archive storage is not accessible for every client. The data is in the form of coding that represents the commands of the programs. This archive storage refers to the user-centric and is present in the form of the statistical language. The software is manipulated for retrieving and searching the records. Most of the archive storage is replicated for instant access to the record of data. 

  • Cold Data Archive: 

This archive storage refers to as the backup data and can be accessed by even clients. These are manipulated for the legacy application. It is more costly and even has no access to the software